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I'm alive

Aug. 10th, 2011 | 06:28 pm
mood: moodymoody

Really, I am.
And I'm fine.

I'll get back to LJ ASAP.

Now I'm leaving for the countryside. Preparing several entries here and trying to relax.

Missed LJ and all the people here.

Dziękuję Ri i Anin, że mnie ogarniacie non stop :*

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Proud to be Polish

Feb. 17th, 2011 | 11:32 pm
location: Gdansk, Poland
mood: awakeawake

Oh God.
On kink memekou_andri found THIS: sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/6375.html.
The most funny thing is, that IT is TRUE. Both the story and the stories about Sherlock investigating Smolensk Affair XD 

Another funny thing - Japanese girl about Poland. She speaks fluent english, so it's understandable ;) 

Personal stuff: I'm fine. At least better than before ;)

Last minute info: IT'S SNOWING HERE! AGAIN!

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Snow wanted to kill me.

Dec. 31st, 2010 | 01:33 am
location: Gdansk, Poland
mood: sicksick

Okay, look:

This is completely adorable, cute snow, right? Look, even snowmans can be made!
Now... This completely innocent snow tried to kill me in Sopot in the evening of 30th December.
I fell flat on my nose (I don't know where my hands and legs were to protect me) and heard a cracking sound somwhere in the middle of my face. Happily it's not serious, I just have some marks and it's swoolen but not broken :( 

That's for the record.

The good news is I've spend amazing, brilliant Lazy Day with the John of my Sherlock (<3), with kou_andri and enjoyable, sweet date with my Charlie, so... the karma is fine I suppose XD
Oh! The Amazing Package from Haruki arrived! It was such a surprise! I finally have some time to write an e-mail (I'm so sorry for the delay, Haru-chan >.>)... I'm such a mess.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve Party that I hope will go well (my main concern is my boyfriend being allergic to the host's cat ;( ), so Happy New Year everyone!!

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Merry Christmas

Dec. 24th, 2010 | 03:57 pm
location: Gdansk, Poland
mood: calmcalm

My analitycal Christmas post is in progress.
Nevertheless I'd like to wish you a Merry Anything you believe in, well spent quality time with family and I wish you feel satisfied while looking back on this year.

Wszystkiego Dobrego Kochani!
Wiecie i znacie moje podejście - tak czy siak, zawsze mnie te święta cieszą. Naprawdę.
Wam i sobie życzę złapania oddechu. I ładnych lampek w pokoju :)

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Meme - have no time to make a proper entry

Dec. 17th, 2010 | 02:39 am


1) Make an entry with the filled out form
2) Have your f-list describe in the comments how they pronounce your username, what they originally thought it said/meant


"my" like in "myth", "sza" like in word "shadow" and "ta" like in "tap"

My partner calls me that, so I've got used to the name but only when he calls me like that, so it's quite a personal and even romantic username. My friends call me "Kodama" but it's too popular to be available in any cofiguration. Still, friends of my partner sometimes call me "Myszata", but it's awkward, when they do so. It's a paradox nickname, because I'm quite tall and noisy and the nickname implies shy and little person I'm (probably) inside.

Polish/It's not an actual word but it derives from word "mysz" which means "mouse" in polish. "Myszata" can be loosely translated as "Mouse-like-girl".

Original Post: @ memeseveriwhere

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It's snowing out here

Nov. 26th, 2010 | 11:49 pm
location: Gdansk, Poland
mood: gloomygloomy
music: Therion

First snow in Gdansk. Immersed in my presentation on Buryat Shamanism and its relation to elements' symbolics I haven't realised it until now.
Wow. First snow is adorable, but it'll dissapear by tomorrow morning.

There was Lady Gaga concert in my neighbourhood, the arena is in my near district. Now all the streets are full of people coming back form it. Never saw so much people on those streets. Ever.
You know, when they started looking for volunteers? Two days ago! And it wasn't a charity concert - the tickets were expensive as hell XD but the organizers ran out of staff and were looking for last minute volunteers . They were paid in tickets on another concert. I could be there but... oh well, didn't care that much.  But the level of organising skills of our culture institutions will never stop to amaze me.

And I still have a presentation to do ;__;

As for concerts - I am going to Therion concert to Warsaw!  It'll be tiring as hell but still I hope I'll have fun.
My, my, Therion is somehow connected with the very young me, when 10 years ago W-chan lend me their album "Vovin". And I was immersed by it. Still I am metal head and metal heart in disguise ;D I am going with my partner, who was in love with the band for years, too. We'll spend a lot of time toghether in trains, so I'm looking forward to it ^^ 

Quite frankly, I promised myself not to whine here, so I really try but still I'm kina overworked and depressed and on verge of tears. But I have lots of friends that are keeping me quite sane. I still cannot understand why they are so kind, I don't deserve them. Still, thanks gals and guys! :*

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That was fun! (i love Poland, yay!)

Nov. 22nd, 2010 | 06:46 am
location: Gdansk, Poland
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: Metric - "Black Sheep"

I love my country.
Because of my country I feel like little, third-world child that works for a bowl of rice a day XD

I was working in the Electoral Comission for local elections as we were choosing Gdansk's president, the whole city board and the regional authorities. Those are 3 different sheets of papers. One is A4 and two are A2 format (poor trees ;__;) There are 2120 voters in my area. It's sth around 6500 pages to stamp. The idea is that they should be stamped in the day of the elections. Before Comission opens for voters. It's an hour. We were given one stamp. And the cheapest ink.
Some people in the commission was there for the first time and they didn't know how hard it is. Especially that local elections are the hardest ones, because there are lots of candidates from lots of parties and it's really difficult to count it down.
The pens we were given stopped working during the voting day. Did I mention, we weren't given enough and had to use our own stuff? The same with tape, string, binders and folders. We were given one string and to little paper to pack everything back to the City Hall. We had to used old, torn papers from the packages which the ballots (is it proper word? anyway, voting sheets of paper) arrived in. Hopefully we didn't throw it out. The neighbouring commision did the opposite and they couldn't pack everything.
There was so many papers that even if only 45% of people came to vote the urn to vote was filled and we ha to stick inside some long wooden ruller to push the papers inside. And we had to shake the urn once in a time to make place for new papers.
The IT specialist was using one finger in each hand to write down the protocol. And she was an employee of city hall and she had no idea of voting procedures and what she actually should write down in protocol XD But she was nice.
On every page of every protocol there has to be a signature of every member of the commision. Every protocol has 3 copies, there were 3 protocols, 9 pages each. I felt like a celebrity XD

I had to skip my classes and ahad to attend special training (2h).Then I had to attend on Saturday to pick up the ballots and count them for the next day (it's double counting of course) - the people from city hall came 1,5 h late and we (the Commision no 197) counted everything for 2,5 h. I had to skip my extra japanese classes that I am paying for. Finally I had to come to my shift on Sunday, that started at 14:30 and my main duty was to register the voters, give them voting cards and constantly explain the procedure, because they DON'T READ. Then, after 10 pm the Commision closed and we had to count everything, divide into parties, fill up the protocols. It's 6 am now in Poland and the Comission finished it's work 20 minutes ago. I am so tired that I can't sleep.
Our Commission was a bunch of individuals. Our work ended up with insults thrown by Mrs Hania to  Mrs Basia (to be honest, she had it coming), but nevermind, really.
And if we are mistaken in our writing, or there will be not enough signatures, there could be a police officer at my place asking me to come with him to the City Hall XD That's the second reason, why I'm still up.
I will be paid 135 zł. It's sth around 46$ or 34 EUR   or 30 GBP for this. Honestly? Not much.
I don't know, why I did it. It was fun.

And I've ran out of money on my mobile and I couldn't write with my Charlie and I was enabled to RPing with Ri ;__;
But there were bright sides as well, I've met all the neighbours from my area and exchanged gossips XD
Oh! And that sense of community! Of being part of sth big! Yeah, that's it XD

 Sorry for whining, I couldn't resist.

Oh, did I mention, that I was about to give lecture in a cinema at 9:30 am today? And they canceled the whole thing yesterday, when I already did the presentation, the research and the conspect? Yay! Luckily, I hadn't printed the quiz yet.

[Edit] I slept for one hour and I've got a telephone that I have to come to the City Hall which is sth around 40-50 minutes by tram from my place. I was so sleepy that I thought that the telephone was just a dream and I found it very diffucult to pull myself together. I had to sign up to 10 sheets of paper and it was all done XD Then I had to go to the university, because me coming back home wouldn't make sense - I had classes today.

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Kinda sad

Oct. 11th, 2010 | 12:39 am

Sad and nervous, the world became waaaaay tooo big again. But I'm holding on with a little help of my friends.
I've lost one of them today.
I've ate delicious ice-cream (polish Calypso ice-cream are some kind of classic) with warm apples on it.
I've spent great evening, so I feel a bit relaxed.
And I'm so into the new BBC Sherlock fandom that it's waaaay tooo much, even for me ;D Maybe I'll write some fanfictions by myself?

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Totally, awesomely inspiring

Sep. 30th, 2010 | 12:22 am

I needed it so badly, and I haven't realized that until today.
So much wisdom, energy and determination in Thubten.
So many years of activism experience in Piotr.
They gave me strenght and inspired me to remain an activist.
I don't know how, I have to change my plans once again to be closer to the Great Plan of My Life.

Ps. Haru-chan received postcard from Russia today! XD 


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Long time no see

Sep. 29th, 2010 | 01:15 am
mood: blankblank
music: Sex and Viloence by Scissor Sisters

Okay, I'm coming back to the english language version of the LJ.
It'll help improve my wrting skills that were very lousy so far. Thanks to  kou_andri  and our BBC Sherlock Holmes fangirling I started to feel more comfortable with it ;D 

What happened to me, when I wasn't here?
Had very tiring end of term. Went to Siberia on etnographic research. Had a re-entry shock. Bought two pairs of salwar kameez. Visited countryside, saw grandma. Went to Warsaw. Met with friends. Supported Very Important People in their Master Degrees. Drew comics. Had my debut as a comic book reviewer. Ended up as a Sherlock Holmes fangirl.

In several days a new academic year will start, lots of work again. Suprisingly I'm not so scared as I should be. Or as I would be for e.g. a year ago.

I smell the subtle scent of changes ;D And I'll be updating more often - promise! 

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